What Elements Make A Great Website?

Web design is a relatively new concept but one that has grown exponentially in the time it has been around. While in the past there was not a lot of options for a casual website designer and everything had to be done by “hand’, today we have many tools that can help both the web designer and the client reach exactly what they want, and all that can be done with a few simple pointers.

The real question today is what makes a website great – and how you can use this information for your own site:

Space on the website

There is nothing more important than the utilisation of white space in the design of the website. When somebody comes to a website the first thing they notice is how the text, pictures, and the overall design is made to fit the space of a page. A quality website always put time and care into the space and the feel of the first look on the webpage.

Navigation and interaction with the visitor

Another thing that makes a website really great is the navigation for the visitor on the web page. If it is interactive and intuitive, the navigation will do half the work for the new visitor. Make sure your menu is clear, and directs users to where they’ll want to go. If it’s easy to navigate your site, they are more likely to return again and again.